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Diatribe Recordings - DIACDSOL002

euro symbol15.00
[excluding sales tax]

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Clarinettist Paul Roe features on this CD from the Diatribe Solo Series, performing a selection of music including works by Stephen Gardner, Deirdre McKay, Jane O’Leary and Ed Bennett. He is joined by Dermot Dunne, Elaine Clark, David James and Harry Sparnaay.

Track Listings (For composers registered in CMC only.)

Track Composer Composition Sound Clip
Track 04 Stephen Gardner Klezmeria
Paul Roe (cl), Elaine Clark (vn).

75 sec. mp3 clip
Track 05 Deirdre McKay between
Paul Roe (bcl), David James (vc).

57 sec. mp3 clip
Track 07 Jane O’Leary a piacere
Paul Roe (bcl).

26 sec. mp3 clip
Track 08 Ed Bennett Monster
Paul Roe (bcl).

58 sec. mp3 clip

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